About us


A leading maritime shipping company with long term experience in the transortation of petroleum and petrochemical products, gas and lubricants, we have long term contracts and established relationships with numerous crude oil producing companies around the world. From Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Germany and many other countries. Our Shipping and logistics comany and our vessels are fully equiped to transport petroleum products such as Crude Oil, Mazut M100, Aviation Kerosene JP54, Diesel oil, LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas)/LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) and other petroleum and petrochemical products.


Being successful in the global economy means understanding new challenges and exercising the foresight and management required to do business on an international scale.


To that effect you need strategic coordination and tactical action in the form of organizing clear channels of communication across the entire supply chain along with Technology-based solutions that can also help to streamline, automate and manage it efficiently. Our sourcing is based on offtake agreements which we have in place with various refiners. Our extensive expertise and our flexible financial conditions enable us to provide a variety of transactional structures providing valuable solutions to our clients. In the process, our traders, operators, risk management and finance teams provide creative solutions to overcome the pricing, logistical, and financial barriers that may stand in the way of such transactions.


Our years of handling cross trade shipments where the customer / trader is based in one place but buys and ships goods from third country has taught us the nuances of documentation and operational requirements vey well. Our team understands the confidentiality as well as accurate / timely documentation requriements and assists customers on both thereby ensuring our customers realise their money quickly.

The process though not unique still proves that Reudan can deliver its services with promptness, transparency, cost advantage to our customers. The key people steering & guiding the Organisation come with years of individual industry experience and have had the opportunity to work in diverse divisions of Shipping & Logistics – from working for leading Shipping Lines to establishing and developing individual logistics and supply chain profit centres serving clientele in diverse locations and possess the required global exposure & knowledge that's required for global movement of cargoes today.

Why choose us


DiVito Marine Consulting BV is a multitasking shipping company. DiVito Marine Consulting BV is one of the leading international companies that can carry your cargo to deliver globally. We believe in our expertise team and we will provide you shipping and trading services irrespective of your destination.


To assist our global customers in realizing the full potential of the maritime shipping industry. Providing Value added Services with a dedication and commitment to providing solutions that benefit all parties to a transaction this will help us create a long-lasting relationships thus enableing us maximise opportunities.


Becoming unstopable and a driving force for innovation, safty, and devlopment in the Global Maritime Industry by Providing World Class Shipping Service in the aspect of maritime transportation of petroleum, petrochemical, crude oil, and natural gas products to a Variety of Clients Directly or Through Business Partners and Associated Companies.