We use our size as a strength to execute well at the international level, we have spent time in the international markets to understand everything about our customer.

Provide the resources and authority needed for decision making in the field by innovating, testing and learning more efficent ways of providing our shipping and logistics services.

We focus on building a world class franchises, Investing for the long term, to serve our clients, we take long-term decisions that allow us to do well in the good times and withstand the tough times.

We are proud of what we are doing as we always do right by the customer in all our interactions. We ensure that our company will stand the test of time.


Sometimes an initiative seems expensive on paper, but turns out to be cost efficient in the long run. Sometimes it is the other way around. Calculating the societal costs and benefits of a project is a tricky task with an unpredictable outcome. It is difficult to ignore the fact that limited resources force us to create more value for less money. Whether you are stretching the public welfare budgets or streamlining business processes, a cost-benefit analysis comes in handy. Simply put, we analyse the costs and benefits of our policies and private projects to help make better decisions.

When corporate foresight becomes increasingly foggy, business cases shed light on the desired route forward. We provide business cases in a broad sense to help in the process. A business case holds the economic and quantitative data that are needed to make strategic and operational decisions in all types of organisations and business areas. But a business case also provides a thorough risk analysis related to specific business scenarios. In sum, business cases are tailored data models, developed to simulate scenarios and prognoses that help business leaders do the right thing.

Our team of analysts, socio-economists and technical engineers possess the combination of the highest methodological standards and specialised sector knowledge. This means that we can combine our analytical competence and experience from hundreds of welfare analyses with state-of-the-art calculation methods and technical understanding from our engineering practice. this strengthens the practical applicability of the analysis, as we understand the professional context in the shipping and transportation industry and can transform the numbers into policy-based recommendations.


Better knowledge equals better decisions. Combining the highest evaluation standards with unique sector understanding, we document the effects of programmes and policies and turn evidence into action-based policy advice. Every year, billions are invested in improving society. But resources are limited, and decision-makers act on knowledge. To achieve value for money, the society needs firm evidence that the political initiatives really work. As a sustainable society consultant, DiVito Marine Consulting BV ambition is to make the best possible knowledge available for policy-makers to make the right decisions. Our services within Programme & Policy Evaluation include: Programme evaluations, Law and regulation evaluations, Effect and impact evaluations, Process evaluations, Implementation evaluations, controlled trials.

Why choose us


DiVito Marine Consulting BV is a multitasking shipping company. DiVito Marine Consulting BV is one of the leading international companies that can carry your cargo to deliver globally. We believe in our expertise team and we will provide you shipping and trading services irrespective of your destination.


To assist our global customers in realizing the full potential of the maritime shipping industry. Providing Value added Services with a dedication and commitment to providing solutions that benefit all parties to a transaction this will help us create a long-lasting relationships thus enableing us maximise opportunities.


Becoming unstopable and a driving force for innovation, safty, and devlopment in the Global Maritime Industry by Providing World Class Shipping Service in the aspect of maritime transportation of petroleum, petrochemical, crude oil, and natural gas products to a Variety of Clients Directly or Through Business Partners and Associated Companies.