In takling our risk management issues at DiVito Marine Consulting BV it is more important now than ever to ensure that our resources are dedicated to the right projects, maximising the effectiveness of what we spend.

We have a strong cost control culture. Through DiVito Marine Consulting BV continuous excellence we continuously improve our operations and deliver savings. With our excellence we simplify, standardise and share.

This is creating backoffice efficiencies, helping us to leverage our size and scale to deliver competitive advantage, and unlocking resources. These are the fuel for growth, brand support, Research and Development, innovation and renovation. We challenge ourselves continuously to look for new opportunities and for areas where we can make a contribution to the issues society faces.


We create shared value for the communities where we operate and for our shareholders. We are contributing to society while growing our business. Trust is fundamental to our success. Trust helps deliver growth, creating shared value for our shareholders and for society. Quality and compliance underpin that trust, and are the best way to ensure the long-term success of our business.

DiVito Marine Consulting BV spend its money as if it were your own. Investing wisely for the future – including on infrastructure and people recognize that competitive intelligence is competitive advantage to foster a spirit of partnership. We strive to build and maintain the best, most efficient systems and operations, Promote efficiencies and remember that leaner is a better leverage technology to make operations fast and simple.

Cut waste relentlessly – and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, as an expert and ensure we know our business best We Are Disciplined in Everything We Do Be rigorous and detailed, with continuous follow-up Maintain an intense work ethic to get the job done right Always strive for improvement and have the ability to drive change – make a list and get it done Act in a thoughtful, coordinated way – not in haste or in isolation.


Our strategy helps achieve our purpose: enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. DiVito Marine Consulting BV is always anticipating and adapting to the changing world, guided by our purpose and our values, as we have since the company started years ago. Our purpose defines why the world is a better place with DiVito Marine Consulting BV, better for those who enjoy our products and services, and for those who are affected by our business.

It is the inspiration for each and every one of us in the company. It aligns our actions and creates a common language. It is the compass for our decisions and for everything we do. It helps ensure we remain a long-term company delivering with short-term intensity, investing for future success while ensuring that we meet the needs of the billions of people we touch every day, and the expectations of our shareholders.

Do it consistently – like exercising or weeding the garden Conduct regular, well-organized and thorough business reviews of functions and controls We Execute with Both Skill and Urgency Work with energy and focus; take responsibility and deliver on commitments Ensure that every role, every person and every detail count Get a little better every day – continually raise the bar Deliver results; investigate, analyze and improve when problems arise Know the details, commit to follow-ups, and meet deadlines for clients and colleagues Manage change with deliberate speed.

Why choose us


DiVito Marine Consulting BV is a multitasking shipping company. DiVito Marine Consulting BV is one of the leading international companies that can carry your cargo to deliver globally. We believe in our expertise team and we will provide you shipping and trading services irrespective of your destination.


To assist our global customers in realizing the full potential of the maritime shipping industry. Providing Value added Services with a dedication and commitment to providing solutions that benefit all parties to a transaction this will help us create a long-lasting relationships thus enableing us maximise opportunities.


Becoming unstopable and a driving force for innovation, safty, and devlopment in the Global Maritime Industry by Providing World Class Shipping Service in the aspect of maritime transportation of petroleum, petrochemical, crude oil, and natural gas products to a Variety of Clients Directly or Through Business Partners and Associated Companies.